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The legal industry is one of the most competitive of all. A custom WordPress website from Trial Law Digital will give your firm the Internet presence it needs to stand out.

WordPress is a secure, cost-effective, extremely flexible platform. Our WordPress websites make the most of your investment with customized themes that load quickly. The unique, personalized design we create for each client builds confidence with every visit. That performance and quality also help your firm’s website rank higher in search engine results. You receive more organic traffic, with every visitor experiencing a great first impression. Conversion rates climb higher, as a result.

Our WordPress websites work perfectly on mobile devices, automatically adjusting to fit any screen. Whether they visit using smartphones and tablets or desktop computers, your potential clients will enjoy website experiences that make them want to get in touch.

Learn more about how a WordPress website from Trial Law Digital can produce business for your firm or ask us about your options today.

WordPress: Power, Flexibility, Cost-Effectiveness, and More

The WordPress content management systems now powers over a quarter of the Web’s most popular sites. With over 60 million websites now relying on WordPress, it has achieved far more momentum than any competing system. WordPress excels in many ways that benefit law firms specifically. We choose WordPress for our clients at Trial Law Digital for these reasons and others:

WordPress has been around for over a decade, and it has been tuned and improved ever since. A properly designed and installed WordPress website will deliver pages quickly, no matter how many visitors make requests. A fast, reliable website ensures that your firm’s leads will learn what they came for and be eager to make contact.

WordPress is free to use, modify, and update, and it will remain that way forever. Despite being such a powerful, high-quality piece of software, WordPress is also every bit as affordable as any other. That allows us at Trial Law Digital to deliver even more value for your money, multiplying the returns on your investment. The work we put into your WordPress website goes into design, content, and functionality that always serve your firm well.

WordPress is an impressive piece of software in its own right. Add to that its vast ecosystem of plugins, and the picture becomes even more appealing. With so many high-quality add-ons and plugins to choose from, Trial Law Digital can easily arrange for customized functionality that suits your law firm’s needs to a tee. Instead of forcing you to pay for many hours of expensive programmer time, we can select plugins that provide what your site needs without breaking the bank.

While any software system can contain bugs, rigorously vetted modern releases of WordPress hold up among the best. At Trial Law Digital, our extensive experience with WordPress allows us to ensure that your site always remains secure. Where a competitor might wake one day to defaced pages that hurt a firm’s reputation, you can rest confident that your site is protected by all the current best practices.

The fact that WordPress is popular and widely deployed produces other benefits, too. When you commission a WordPress website from Trial Law Digital, you can be confident of having an asset that can serve you well for years. Even if you move on from our services, finding a WordPress expert who can take over will never be a problem. Just like so many million other WordPress websites now online, your investment can keep producing returns for as long as you might want.

Experienced, Focused Lawyer Website Designers

Because WordPress is such a complete package, many agencies offer to design and set up sites. While some of these might suffice for other industries, few are up to the standards and demands of the legal field.

At Trial Law Digital, we focus specifically on delivering what law firms need to stand out, attract new business, and grow. Our WordPress websites reflect this in a number of important ways:

Some agencies or amateurs pull inexpensive or freely available themes from sites where they are collected by the hundreds. The result will often be that one WordPress website looks like many others, and that will never help. Our experienced designers understand how to make any law firm shine, and they do it in ways that always stand out. Your website will reflect your firm’s unique character in equally unique ways.

A website that looks beautiful but loads slowly is a recipe for disaster. Our WordPress experts understand how to create highly optimized themes that are both unique and speedy. That ensures your site’s visitors can focus on getting answers and making contact. It also means that search engines will respect your site’s performance, delivering more traffic through improved results placement. Your firm’s site benefits from more traffic, improved user experiences, and higher conversion rates.

Internet search is evolving, and it’s becoming more mobile with every passing day. Each one of our WordPress websites for law firms are built to perform beautifully with devices of all kinds. The responsive design approaches we employ ensure satisfying experiences for your site’s visitors, no matter how they visit. They also contribute to better search engine visibility, with organic traffic following, as a result.

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Own Law Firm Website

Surveys conducted by Google prove the importance of having a legal practice website that checks every possible box. Nearly three-quarters of those who visit a law firm’s site are ready to take action, so even one click could be worth millions of dollars. At the same time, visitors can be fickle. A study conducted by content delivery network Akamai showed that a page loading delay of even a couple of seconds can drive a lead away. Nearly 70% of users make use of smartphones when they search for legal counsel. A site that performs poorly on mobile devices can therefore be every bit as costly.

At Trial Law Digital, we understand all the issues and the technologies needed to account for them. Our customized WordPress websites for law firms perform at the highest possible level in every single respect. We’re proud of the results we have produced for our clients already. Contact us today to talk about how we can produce more traffic, leads, and clients for your firm with a cost-effective WordPress website.

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