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The legal industry is more competitive than ever, no matter the area of practice, and generating leads has never been more challenging. Pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising can be the single best way of generating new business, but it can also be complicated.

The Yellow Pages are dead, duh right? Many lawyers used to place a quick ad and sit back, confident the calls would come in. That is no longer an option. 96% of those looking for legal advice now turn to a search engine, according to a Google Consumer Survey.

With law-related keywords topping the PPC bidding charts at search engines like Google and Bing, a single click will sometimes cost a hundred dollars or more. There’s a reason for that, too, since one click could also be worth many thousands–or even millions–to the recipient.

PPC for attorneys is therefore challenging and expensive, but it can also be the most rewarding lead generation option of all. Working with an experienced agency like Trial Law Digital is the best way of making sure to realize its true potential. We specialize in generating new business for attorneys so you can focus on what you do best.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Law Firms

Organic traffic that arrives through placement in search engine results is never to be neglected. It can take time to develop, though, and tends to shift fairly slowly even after intensive effort to reflect a change in focus.

PPC advertising is much more responsive. A high-enough bid will virtually guarantee that an advertisement will be placed front and center before users who have qualified themselves by entering a particular search term.

That might seem like the answer to every business-hungry law firm’s problems, and it certainly can be powerful. It can also be a recipe for wasted time, money, and potential. Our experienced approach to PPC at Trial Law Digital ensures that your investments will pay off in spectacular ways.

The Ups and Downs of AdWords and Other PPC Programs

Bid-based PPC systems like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads dominate the landscape today. They can seem simple enough at first, and that is part of their appeal. What many soon discover, though, is that there is a lot to learn and be aware of. Particularly for law firms, PPC tends to be:

Ads that are shown in response to legal keywords consistently cost the most. It can take a bid of $200 or more to guarantee top placement for a phrase like “car accident lawyer” in even a market of average competitiveness today. There are often good reasons for those kinds of PPC prices, but they mean that getting involved in any meaningful way is going to require a significant investment.

Attorneys who simply start spending often find that they waste a great deal of a firm’s money without ever producing results. Pricing for some keywords can even be dominated and driven up by bidders who have no way of tracking their returns. It is more than merely possible to waste many thousands of dollars on PPC spending that has little or no hope of ever paying off.

While the systems themselves often seem simple, PPC ads and rates are affected by dozens of factors that never stand still. Staying on top of every related development is a full-time job in itself. Lawyers who try often find themselves overwhelmed right from the beginning. Agencies that lack experience and skills do the same.

Our Experience and Results-Focused Approach Make the Difference

It takes a deeper understanding of the underlying system to succeed in such a competitive, demanding environment. Our PPC experts have many ways of ensuring that results will roll in:

Google’s AdWords ranking system multiplies each given bid by a proprietary “Quality Score” attached to the ad and targeted website. By creating more relevant ads that entice viewers to click and making a website more informative and useful, we maximize the returns produced by PPC spending. Our clients enjoy prime placement even when bidding less than competitors.

A click alone is worth nothing, no matter how much it cost to buy. Some law firms fail even to make contact information easily visible, with expensive PPC visitors turning away frustrated. At Trial Law Digital, our experience allows us to ensure that conversion rates are always as high as possible. That turns PPC traffic into contacts that generate new business.

Programs like AdWords and Facebook Ads make it easy to get started. That means many attorneys start spending money on PPC without being able to track and quantify the returns. Our approach to PPC at Trial Law Digital ensures that this will never be an issue. From weighing cost per acquisition against average client value to carefully tracking the performance of individual PPC terms, we always keep our eye on the ball.

With automated, real-time bidding systems that are always open for business, PPC never stops evolving. As a Google Partner Agency, our PPC experts at Trial Law Digital constantly seek out new keywords and other opportunities so our clients can seize them first. Whether that means reacting to a new legal development or discovering value in unexpected places with geo-targeting, our focus on producing returns on investment ensures that your PPC spending pays off.

Many regard PPC as the single most powerful digital marketing tool of all for law firms. Our successful experience with the full range of digital marketing approaches allows us to multiply the effects of even the most potent PPC approaches. When PPC becomes a fitting part of a broader, well-informed strategy, every individual piece complements, supports, and enhances the others. That means more business for our clients.

Our experience, skills, and drive produce PPC results for our law firm clients, no matter the market or area of practice. Any PPC program in the competitive legal field will involve spending money, and we maximize the value of every last dollar. Choose Trial Law Digital for your firm’s PPC and other digital marketing needs so we can deliver the results you deserve.

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