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Why? Because we firmly believe that law firms should spend less on building a website and more on marketing it.

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Building a thriving practice is difficult as is, and at Trial Law Digital, we believe that good website design and starter content shouldn’t be the roadblock from preventing you from having a record year.

We’re committed to helping you grow and scale your law firm. With our expert team of SEO, content, and design experts, every section of your site is optimized for growth and reaching your business’s full potential.

Having a nice looking website is great, but at the end of the day if your website is not built to rank in the search engines, then what is the point?

With our owner coming from an SEO background it only makes sense that we implement the most advanced and up-to-date on-page optimization in the industry. This service alone sells for hundreds of dollars from other companies and for the most part their strategies are not as complete as ours.

A Local-optimized, “built To Rank” Website

Our responsive WordPress websites, sales funnels, and a custom theme in Elementor Page Builder — perfect for small to medium-sized law firms or a one-man army.

Whether you’re a medium-sized firm or you’re a solo simply trying to grow your practice, having a high-quality professional design for your firm is a must.

Not only do we offer our done for your websites at wholesale prices, but each site is also custom built to match your voice, image, and brand.

Our team of website designers and marketing experts know exactly what it takes to build a fully-optimized site right out the box. Unlike starter themes you can purchase online, we’ll work with you to ensure your site is SEO optimized, fully functional, and most importantly responsive. Our custom design allows you to scale your business while leaving the website creation to us. We also use the highly reputable Divi theme making it easy to make any future customizations without any hassle.

What our free website offer includes:

90+ GTMetrix scores & – 90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores guaranteed.

A few years ago, a non-responsive website may have been acceptable, but in today’s mobile-first world, a site that doesn’t look good on a phone or a tablet means your website’s visitors are going to hit the “back” button and find a website that is. All of our featured designs are guaranteed to look great on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets so that your website can convert no matter what device your visitors are using.

Not only does a responsive design help improve the user experience, but search engines also reward sites that have a fully responsive design, making this an absolute must for your web properties. There are absolutely zero excuses to have a web property that is not responsive today.

We don’t just help set you up with a beautifully designed website; our team of expert content creators will help get your site up and running with professionally written and researched content so that your site is ready to share with the world right from the get-go. Our team will work to ensure you have the right page structure and content in your brand’s voice so that when we hand you the keys to your site, it’s ready to rock and roll.

Having a professionally designed website is only one part of the equation. If visitors can’t find your site through popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo, your web properties probably won’t be very successful. Our team works to ensure that every part of the website design and content is fully optimized for SEO, giving you every advantage in helping to improve your rankings for your sites or sites that you build for your clients. A fully-optimized site for a local business can provide a significant boost in traffic and even sales!

All of our sites are optimized to load fast. We never install or upload bloated WordPress plugins that only slow your site down. Having a site that loads quickly is one of the most significant factors that determine whether a visitor will stay and consume the content on your site. Our website designers only use the code and plugins necessary to give you a fully-optimized and functioning site that looks great.

Our custom web design for WordPress sites is perfect for hosting highly profitable and converting sales campaigns, making it easier than ever to help convert your traffic into sales. Whether you want to encourage visitors to fill out a form, do a live chat, or call for a free consultation, our designs are built with conversions in mind. Our websites are built to easily collect email addresses, get visitors to take action, and lead your traffic into a fully-optimized sales funnel.

Deeper than any of the big brands (eyes looking over at the brand that starts with S and ends with curi)

We keep your site safe from hackers by ensuring it’s wearing the proper protection

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that we believe is far superior to Yoast. All of our client sites use the premium version of the plug-in.

So how does this work?

Clients who commit to Trial Law Digital’s proven digital marketing program will receive a free, custom WordPress website for their law firm. This is approximately a $2,500 value.

Our Founder, Carlton Smith, recently wrote an article in Forbes about why businesses shouldn’t spend too much on web development. A website is only a starting point, and as long as your needs for the site are simple and don’t require custom programming, we say, just make it as fast-loading and mobile-responsive as possible and be done with it. We use custom WordPress themes that are as lightning-quick as they are cost-effective.

Why do I need to commit to your marketing program?

For one thing, it works. Also, search marketing success takes time. During that period, we will be working on the following activities:

The overwhelming majority of Trial Law Digital’s clients are long-term; some have remained with us month after month for 5+ years. That’s because we focus on delivering solid return-on-investment, results, and honest communication.

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Ok, I’m interested, but what’s the final cost to me?

Well, that depends. There are variety of factors that will influence the monthly budget retainer needed for successful law firm search marketing strategy such as:

That said, our monthly retainers start around $1,200 and include the following services:


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