Free Law Firm Website Offer




Did I Say It's Free?
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Clients who commit to an 8-month contract with Trial Law Digital will receive a free, custom WordPress website for their law firm. This is approximately a $3,800 value.

What the catch and why?

We firmly believe that law firms should spend less on building a website and more on marketing it. Our Founder, Carlton Smith, recently wrote an article in Forbes about this. A website is only a starting point, and as long as your needs for the site are simple and don’t require custom programming, make it as fast-loading and mobile-responsive as possible and be done with it. We use custom WordPress themes that are as lightning-quick as they are cost-effective.

Why do I need to commit to an 8-month contract?

  • Search marketing success takes time. During that period, we will be doing the following
  • Building your new WordPress website
  • Overhauling your existing on-site optimization (for SEO) including
    • All meta tags – Title, meta descriptions, heading tags, image tags
  • Schema
  • EXIF image data
  • Building your Google Adwords Campaign
    • Ongoing Adwords optimizations
  • Building your Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Setting up Reporting KPI’s

The overwhelming majority of Trial Law Digital’s clients are long-term; some have remained with us month after month for 5+ years. That’s because we focus on delivering solid return-on-investment, results, and honest communication.

Ok, I’m interested, but what’s the final cost to me?

Well, that depends. There are variety of factors that will influence the monthly budget retainer needed for successful law firm search marketing strategy such as

  • Size of the metropolitan area you serve
  • Your primary practice area and number of ancillary practice areas
  • Level of competition in your area
  • Your budget