Attract Case Leads Online with Digital Marketing for Law Firms

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You may have been top of your class in law school, but what they don’t teach you is how to actually market your business and bring in new case leads. Here’s how—in a brief: Get an expert to do it.

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency that caters solely to small and mid-sized law firms. We even limit the number of clients we work with at once, so we can provide close service and focused attention.

Digital Marketing Pros Who Stay on Top of the Trends

While everyone might have a Facebook or Instagram account, that doesn’t mean they’re a social media pro – or even good at it. These days, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. It doesn’t make sense to do your own marketing—unless you have tons of time to devote to learning the latest tech tools and algorithm changes, as well as money to throw at testing out new tactics.

That’s where we come in. Digital marketing is our business, including social media, SEO, paid ads, content, and more. It’s what we do. We live and breathe all things digital, so we can deliver significant results to our clients.

And since we specialize in marketing for law firms, that means we don’t waste our time on businesses we can’t help. We know the legal space, so we maximize our efforts where we know we can make an impact.

Digital Marketing Gives Law Firms a Boost

Here’s how we can help law firms attract new case leads.

Your website should be more than just a homepage. It’s your billboard, storefront, and lead magnet tool. If it doesn’t look good or is hard to understand, it can turn potential cases away. We custom design modern websites for law firms with one goal in mind: attracting more leads. We also make sure it also reflects your unique firm and brand.
At some point, most people will need a lawyer. Be the lawyer they find when they Google for one. We help law firms get found online and rank on the top pages of the search engines—without spending a ton of money. Search marketing is part art, part science. We dig deep to find out the latest changes and test out tactics that work, including paid ad strategies for even more qualified leads.

Most lawyers don’t live their lives online. And who has time to tweet when you’re busy racking up your billable hours? If you don’t know the latest social media lingo or trendy memes – not to mention how to target your desired audience – it can negatively impact your reach. We know what it takes to truly engage quality leads and how to keep up with the changing social landscape over time.

In case you haven’t heard, “content is king.” Prospective clients are hungry for information, so why not be the one who gives it to them? Our writers can whip up quality content that’s not just delightful to read, it can establish your firm as a thought leader and serve as an effective lead capture tool.

We Deliver Real Results for Law Firms

Using my proven digital marketing system and strategies, I’ve had law firm clients who have:

“We’re getting more leads than ever from our Google strategy!"

“This was the first promising lead we’ve had come through. This is exactly what we were looking for.”

Want to know how we can help your law firm SLAY online? Book your FREE call now!

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