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Marketing your law firm in this competitive market can be tough. Some of the most expensive keywords on Google AdWords are law-related. Successful law firms have a few methods they use to gain more clients. Effective marketing means making your company visible for potential clients that are out there searching for your services. If you want to improve the marketing strategy of your practice, there are many habits you will want to implement to start the growth process.

Think Local Terms

You will want to focus on local terms, especially when it comes to law. Your firm’s location will be the most searched term for your practice. Be sure to try to add this to your marketing strategy. Online searchers looking for legal help will most definitely be typing in some of your keywords along with whatever location they are seeking in. So make sure you target your local community your marketing strategy.

Promote Your Content

You may have a great website and good keywords, but you also need to create some relevant content to boost your marketing strategy further. Content will bring you more organic traffic and if done correctly, will bring new clients to your firm. Posting content on social media as well as creating content on your website’s blog is a great way to boost brand awareness. It is also a great way to speak to and connect with your audience directly. They will also be able to interact with you, making it possible for you to form longer, more meaningful relationships with your clients. This means earning their trust.

Promote Your Website

Try to add your website link to all your social media platforms, email signatures and anywhere else where you might directly reach your clients. This is a good habit to get into early, as it will boost your website traffic and recognition. You want them to see the website you worked hard on, where all of your social media platforms, forums, content, and other business information can be found.

Track Your Strategies

If you are not analyzing the statistics of your marketing efforts, how will you know whether or not it’s working? Have your marketing team report your outreach attempts and keep you in on the loop so you always know how everything is going. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is the best way to know what needs to be improved and what stays. Keep an eye out for the type of content that is receiving more praise, how many clicks a certain ad campaign is getting, and which one of your products does not sell as well. All trackable statistics should be reported. This will be a great way to get on the fast track to better marketing.

Pick a Niche

Sure, you could offer a large range of legal services, but try to focus on advertising the most popular ones. Use statistics to see what is asked for in your area and broadcast that particular practice. Focusing on your strengths will bring in more clients and trust, meaning more revenue and business. Being too general will not get you as far as picking a few niche sectors to advertise, then showing off all the other services you provide. If you are gaining the majority of your traffic from one thing, advertise it. Clients will be pleasantly surprised if they find that you can help them with other services as well.

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