8 Best Online Review Tools for Law Firms

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There are a number of reasons why online reviews are crucial for law firms. In addition to reviews helping you quickly and effortlessly bolster your reputation online, they improve prospective clients’ ability to choose a law firm that will serve their needs best.

It might seem as though there isn’t much work to do in terms of generating online reviews. But once you start reviewing and managing reviews, you’ll see that there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

That’s because online review management is also about reputation management and relationship management.

Because there is so much that goes into managing online reviews, you don’t want to try to do this on your own. It’ll leave you feeling frustrated as you spend excessive amounts of time hunting down reviews left around the web. Or, worse, discovering that clients haven’t felt inclined to leave any reviews at all.

You need to take ownership of your online review channels and optimize the way they are managed. You can do this with online review tools.

8 Best Online Review Tools for Law Firms

Online review tools perform a number of functions. Your goal in choosing one is to find the tool that streamlines as much of the work involved in online review management as possible.

1. BirdEye

screenshot of birdeye's online review tool

Highlights from BirdEye:

  • Take control of all your online business listings and create a consistent message for your firm across each platform.
  • The second a negative review is left somewhere, you will be notified so you can respond.
  • Send review requests by email (or SMS) to clients after their cases have wrapped.
  • BirdEye isn’t just an online review tool. It has other tools for reputation management, like social media sharing and search rank monitoring.

2. Grade.us

a screenshot of the gradeus reputation management tool

Highlights from Grade.us:

  • Receive real-time updates whenever you receive a new online review.
  • Create automated review campaigns and send to clients via email, text, or printed cards.
  • Share review highlights directly to your website (which helps with SEO) or your social feeds.
  • Respond to reviews left on Facebook or Google from your dashboard.

3. Law Review

a screenshot of the law review tool for online reviews

Highlights from Law Review:

  • Use this to build a better balance of reviews on the platforms you want feedback left on (e.g. Google, Yelp, Avvo).
  • Automate review requests and drive clients to your preferred landing page.
  • Monitor your Net Promoter Score to see what all of these reviews and feedback translate to for your law firm.
  • Convert the best online reviews into testimonials for your WordPress site.

4. Podium

screenshot of the podium reputation management tool useful for law firm websites

Highlights from Podium:

  • Podium provides review request templates you can then text or email to clients.
  • Whenever new online reviews post, you’ll be notified right away, giving you a chance to respond in a timely manner.
  • Gain insights into keywords that commonly show up in your reviews so you may infer what this says about your firm.
  • Compare your online reviews and overall firm reputation with up to five competitors.

5. Pozative

an illustration of the pozative online review tool

Highlights from Pozative:

  • It’s free to use.
  • Sync your Facebook and Google online review pages to your account and drive clients directly to them with a text message.
  • Before Pozative sends them to the review platform, it asks if they were satisfied. If they say “no”, it gives clients a chance to email you directly with the negative feedback instead of posting it online.
  • Upload your recent client lists and automate these review requests.

6. ReviewPush

a screen capture of the reviewpush tool for online reviews

Highlights from ReviewPush:

  • Receive instant email notifications when new reviews publish. You also have the option to respond to reviews from those emails.
  • Use this to keep tabs on how each of your firm’s locations are performing and drill down into what’s working and what’s not.
  • If you have more than one person in charge of managing online reviews—like an assistant at each location—grant them custom access to the dashboard.
  • ReviewPush scans the web to make sure you have and own an online review page on all key channels.

7. ReviewTrackers

a screenshot of the reviewtrackers tool for reputation management

Highlights from ReviewTrackers:

  • Choose from over 100 online review sources to connect to your ReviewTrackers dashboard.
  • Connect with your most satisfied clients and ask them to leave you a review.
  • Multi-location law firms can use this to monitor how each brand is doing in terms of client satisfaction.
  • ReviewTrackers helps you manage review generation, monitoring, and responses. It’s also a full-scale reputation management platform so you can keep an eye on the competition as well as your individual firm’s performance.

8. Synup

image showing the synup reputation management tool dashboard for generating online reviews

Highlights from Synup:

  • Includes a free listings and reputation scan to tell you what the current state of your firm’s review channels looks like.
  • Synup doesn’t just monitor online reviews. It will also scour social media for mentions of your law firm.
  • Use the review response templates to ensure you respond to feedback in a professional manner.
  • Not only can you monitor all reviews and mentions from a single dashboard, but you can leave internal notes so you have a record of action taken on them.


By now, you have a good sense for how important online reviews are to your law firm. In addition to helping you win more clients, they also provide a great opportunity to learn more about what your firm is doing well and what it needs to improve upon.

With one of these review tools on your side, you can optimize your online review management efforts while still keeping your focus on running your law firm.

If you’re not feeling confident about managing your firm’s reviews and think an online review tool will only create more work for you, then it might be time to outsource to Trial Law Digital. Contact us today to schedule a quick discovery call.

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