7 Best Premium WordPress Themes for Law Firms

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Your law firm needs a website, but your firm’s partners are stressing about how much it’s going to cost. You’ve carefully weighed the options and decided you would like to try the DIY approach. After all, with a content management system like WordPress and its many integrations on your side, how hard could it be?

Truth be told, WordPress is not an insanely difficult platform to learn. That said, it’s not as simple as installing WordPress and getting to work on writing the verbiage for your website. It needs a professional-looking design. It also needs to work well across all mobile device screens. And it needs to be optimized for search. (Among many other requirements.)

The great thing about the DIY approach is that you have WordPress themes to help you handle the design piece of your website build… and you’ll never have touch a line of code either. In fact, if you find the right WordPress theme, there might be very little to do aside from adding your logo, text, and custom images.

But you can’t just pick any theme.

The following guide to the best premium WordPress themes for law firms will make the process of selecting a high-quality theme a breeze.

What to Look for in a Premium WordPress Theme for Law Firms

It’s important to remember that WordPress and its themes are nothing more than software. You wouldn’t sign up for an unknown finance management tool and immediately give it access to your credit cards and bank accounts without doing research on it, right? Security, performance, ease of use, and how well it fits the intended purpose all need to be considered before purchasing anything for WordPress.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick reference guide.

WordPress themes can be great, but not all of them are made equal. There are a number of features you have to look at when determining, first, the quality of the theme and, second, whether it fits your needs.

Ideally, this is what a WordPress theme for law firms will have:

  • Cost: You will get the best quality, built-in features, tailor-made designs, and developer support when you pay for a premium WordPress theme.
  • Responsive design: This is one that naturally adapts to whatever screen your website is viewed on. (It’s also incredibly important for SEO.)
  • Security: While a developer won’t add a security plugin to your theme, you can review the developer’s credentials as well as the comments left by customers to ensure there are no issues with corrupt coding or vulnerabilities.
  • Performance: Your site needs to run super-fast (we’re talking opening in a matter of two or three seconds). As such, your theme needs to be lightweight and not bogged down by unnecessary plugins and scripts.
  • Dragand-drop editing: WordPress is user-friendly enough, but a drag-and-drop editing tool will make it exponentially easier for you to update your content.
  • Templates: Never use a WordPress theme without pre-made templates for lawyers or law firms. These will save you time in building your site from-scratch while also helping you adhere to web design best practices.

Now that we’ve told you what to look for, let’s make it even easier and show you the best premium WordPress themes for law firms to use.

7 Best Premium WordPress Themes for Law Firms

You’ll find the list below has a mix of multipurpose WordPress themes (that cater to a variety of business types) and lawyer-specific ones. There’s no right and wrong here, but you do want a theme from a designer who understands your niche and has simplified the amount of work you need to do.

1. Digital Law

digital law wordpress theme

Highlights from the Digital Law theme:

  • Retina-ready for super sharp images
  • One-click demo (template) import
  • Full-page and section templates for the home page, appointments, attorney bios, specialties, and more
  • Compatible with the Visual Composer (drag-and-drop), Contact Form 7 (contact form), and bbPress (forum) plugins you’ll likely need

2. Forstron

premium wordpress themes for attorneys

Highlights from the Forstron theme:

  • Modern and youthful design (great for law firms representing younger clientele)
  • Super lightweight
  • Comes with Beaver Builder page builder (drag-and-drop)
  • Includes sharp-looking yet minimally designed pages law firms need

3. Law Services

what premium wordpress themes should law firms use

Highlights from the Law Services theme:

  • Various pre-made layouts available
  • Very buttoned-up and professional-looking design
  • Includes a page builder plugin for easy drag-and-drop customization
  • Modern design touches (like counters, gradients, masonry grids)

4. Lawyers

lawyers premium wordpress theme

Highlights from the Lawyers theme:

  • Great looking design with sharp juxtaposition between minimal and bold
  • Pre-designed page templates and layouts
  • Widgetized home page to personalize sections and the order in which they appear
  • Includes plugins and widgets for video, testimonials, Google Maps (important for local SEO), and blogs

5. MF

mf wordpress theme for attorneys

Highlights from the MF theme:

  • Multipurpose WordPress theme (pay attention to the Lawyer demo)
  • Includes subtle animations
  • Design elements allow you to add more customizations and personalized styling
  • Particularly great if you have a large group of lawyers and a lot of information to share

6. Ronneby

Ronneby wordpress theme for law firms

Highlights from the Ronneby theme:

  • Lawyer’s agency demo is a single-page website (which is a growing trend right now)
  • Perfect for new law firms that want to make a strong impression, but don’t have a lot of information or a large team of lawyers yet
  • Includes templates for all essential law firm pages
  • Uses subtle touches of movement and animation to keep visitors engaged

7. Total

Total Theme wordpress themes for lawyers

Highlights from the Total theme:

  • Multipurpose theme with a pre-designed Law Firm demo
  • Drag-and-drop editor enables you to edit all aspects of site – even header and footer (which isn’t always possible)
  • Design is simple, elegant, and focuses on the message
  • Design template comes replete with placeholders for essential call-to-action buttons your law firm will need


Now that you know how to go about getting a professionally-made design for your law firm website, do you feel confident about using the DIY approach? The 7 best premium WordPress themes above will definitely get you moving in the right direction, but you might be feeling a little nervous about the time commitment involved… not to mention everything else that goes into optimizing your site for the user experience as well as search engines.

If that’s the case, reach out to Trial Law Digital today. We offer professional web design services at an affordable price, and are happy to step in and relieve you of the responsibility of building your law firm’s website.

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