illustration showing a city with map markers for local search engine marketing for law firms

Google Local Service Ads — The Next Big SEM Opportunity for Law Firms?

Advertising is a key component for law firms. With so many firms fighting for clients, ...
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geo-fencing ads for law firms

Benefits of Geo-fencing for Law Firms

As an attorney, you have a wide variety of ways to market yourself and reach ...
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photo of a city aerial view showing map pins for google maps marketing

Meet Your New Secret Weapon: Google Maps SEO

When it comes to marketing with Google, you may be asking yourself, “How can potential ...
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photo of a smartphone with the instagram app open

Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Marketing for Lawyers

With two billion monthly active users, Instagram is currently the third most popular social media ...
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photo of a bicycle with the wordpress logo as wheels

6 Things to Look at When Reviewing WordPress Theme Quality

When building a website with WordPress, there are two kinds of tools you need to ...
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an illustration of a keyboard with the search button lifted open and a red folder representing a directory going into it

Are Paid Legal Directories Worth It for Law Firms?

If you own a law firm or work as an attorney, you’ve probably looked into ...
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picture of blocks with seo icons

How Law Firms Can Implement SEO Effectively in 2019

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing tactics that you could ...
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photo of a big city law firm conference room

How Great Law Firms Market Successfully

Marketing your law firm in this competitive market can be tough. Some of the most ...
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why website pop-ups are a good idea

Why (and How) Your Law Firm Should Use Website Pop-ups

For a while there, it seemed as though every website was using pop-ups just for ...
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Bad Reviews Are Bad for Business: What Will You Do with Them?

Online reviews are a crucial part of marketing for your law firm. They enable clients ...
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online reputation management tools for law firms

8 Best Online Review Tools for Law Firms

There are a number of reasons why online reviews are crucial for law firms. In ...
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facebook thumbs up blue 3d

Law Firm Facebook Ads to Inspire Your Own Paid Marketing Strategy

What began as a means for connecting college students to one another, and later became ...
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the ebook 3-pack

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