Hey, I’m Carlton Smith.

I’m on a mission to help law firms like yours get maximum ROI out of your digital marketing budget.

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I started my quest 20+ years ago, at the dawn of the internet (back when it was called ‘The Information Superhighway’ and Netscape was the web browser of choice). As a nascent journalist, I found myself increasingly drawn to the world of words on the web. My last official journalism stint crossed the lines as Time, Inc.’s senior manager of Search Engine Optimization. When I saw what I could do for Time’s publicity with SEO, I decided to use it to help other businesses as well.

Now, instead of writing in the media, I’m featured in the media, in places like the Huffington Post, Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, Business.com, and Inc.com.

My first company, Flagstone Search Marketing, was born in 2011. I’ve helped dozens of clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies maximize what they get out of the web. (If you want to see who they are, scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

There’s a full range of tools in my toolbelt:

I’m a big believer in getting maximum ROI out of EVERYTHING – including life. I love spending time with my beautiful wife and daughters.

My past and current clients include:
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