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“ This was the first promising lead we've had come through. This is exactly what we are looking for. ”

– Todd H.

“Five LTD leads in one day ... it's been a good day.”

– Peter B.

“ We're getting more clients than ever from our Google strategy. ”

– William W.

Proven Online Strategies

Website Design

A custom WordPress website from Trial Law Digital will give your firm the Internet presence it needs to stand out.

Paid Search

The legal industry is more competitive than ever. PPC can be the single best way of generating new business, but it can also be complicated.

Local Search

One quarter of Google’s searches are local. While some attorneys may be able to rely on word of mouth and repeat clients, for the rest, local search is the most effective means.

Lead Generation

Our experience, skills, and drive produce results for our law firm clients. We maximize the value of every last dollar spent.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the End Results in Marketing

As a lawyer, what would you say is your primary focus in the day to day? Do you look back on the previous failures of old cases and wonder what you could’ve done differently? Do you look ahead at your current cases and think, “I’ve been on a good streak here. We’ll...

Facebook Is Changing Its Algorithm Again… And It’s Not in Your Favor

For as friendly a place Facebook has made itself for publishers like yourself, they certainly have a history of making the conditions under which you can thrive there more difficult. In 2015, they updated their algorithms based on user feedback, claiming that overly...

Challenges and Solutions for Law Firm Websites

Law firms face new challenges marketing their organizations. Online competition is fierce, suggesting lawyers need to consider going beyond the basics to garner a greater share of the potential client pool in their area. But, what steps really need to be taken in...

How to Create Compelling Content for Your Law Firm Blog (with Infographic)

Every business needs a blog on their website. That includes law firms, too. If you find yourself thinking, “How is there even enough to write about to keep it interesting?”, you’re not alone. Trust us. This is a question we hear time and time again, from businesses...

Does Your Law Firm Need to Spend $10,000 on a Website? Probably Not.

Let’s talk about business costs today, shall we? When you take a look at how much money you spend to keep your law firm running—and running well—it’s by no means a drop in the bucket. In fact, you could say it’s out and out expensive. Costs include: Office rent...

Why Facebook Ads Should Be a Part of Your Firm’s Strategy

By the end of 2016, there were 1.23 billion active users on Facebook every day. Needless to say, Facebook is a great social media platform for lawyers [link to “Think Facebook is Not a Good Fit for Lawyers? Think Again”]. If you’ve taken steps to create a page for...

6 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Marketing Automation Now

“No matter how many hours you work, it’s the ones that are billed to clients that serve as the productivity measure in law firms.” – American Bar Association With a number of competing priorities vying for your attention all the time, it can be difficult maintaining...

Think Facebook is Not a Good Fit for Lawyers? Think Again

Social media marketing presents an interesting conundrum for lawyers. You know that social platforms are a great way for businesses to build a reputation and grow their audience, but you might be wondering how beneficial they actually are for lawyers. After all,...


Our clients are courtroom attorneys in the following practice areas: personal injury, criminal defense, white collar crime, business law, probate, estate planning, municipal law, litigation, and family/divorce lawyers.

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